Anti-Aging Secrets to Reverse the Process of Aging

For many years now both the general population and the researchers of the world have been continuously finding some kind of anti-aging secrets to reverse or slow down the process of aging in order to have a youthful look for many years to come.It is very natural that as we get older we are all looking for anti-aging solutions to reduce wrinkles. In order to improve your physical appearance, skin care and reduce wrinkles, some of the tips in the succeeding paragraphs would prove very useful.To meet the demand of the anti-aging phenomenon, the market is full of anti aging supplements and other “wonder” cures promising to slow down your aging process. It must be done through supplements and diet. Look for the most powerful antioxidants.We all know about the effect of free radicals on aging and degenerative disease. Therefore there is a need to take in lots of antioxidants through your diet or supplements to counter the free radicals inside our body.But not all antioxidants are the same. Many anti aging supplements are claimed by the manufacturers to be able to promote antioxidant capabilities but they fail to inform the market that their products contain only the less effective and cheaper antioxidants such as vitamin C.Any good antioxidant supplements should contain potent antioxidants like L-Glutathione, green tea, gingko biloba, grape extract, alpha lipoic acid, lutein and especially selenium.Selenium has been associated with reduced incidence of skin cancer and it slows down the process of aging. As a result, it preserves soft, youthful skin texture. Sources of selenium include garlic, whole grains, tuna, eggs and Brazil nuts which has the highest concentration of selenium.Do not forget about vitamin E. You could use it both topically and internally. Vitamin E is also one of the more important anti-aging antioxidants. Lack of vitamin E in skin has been linked to an increase in the amount of wrinkling.Wrinkles are also a cumulative result of damage due to the exposure to sun (i.e.UV light), free radical and gravity. Most of the so-called anti-wrinkle creams on the market do not deliver the results we expect because the molecules of the active ingredients are too big to penetrate the skin to make a difference.On the other hand, using a few key vitamins and supplements mentioned earlier will produce better results than any wrinkle cream at sometimes a lower cost. Therefore it is advisable that before you start spending tones of money on anti-aging creams just try some of the vitamins and supplements while using at the same time a good sun block and products that are clinically proven to be a wrinkle cure (i.e. Retin-A and glycolic acid).You should replace all the bad fats namely the trans fats and saturated fats with good fats such as polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats in your diet. All the good fats have anti-aging effect and they can be found in a lot of fish, legumes, nuts, and walnuts, for instance, foods containing omega-3 are mostly polyunsaturated fats while olive oil is mostly monounsaturated fats.Finally always add vegetables and fruits to your die on a daily basis because they contain natural sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Fruits that would make you look good include apples, oranges, berries, kiwi, grapes and grape fruit.The above mentioned anti-aging secrets could help you prevent the premature onslaught aging which would allow you to continue to have healthy, glowing and young looking skins for many years to come.

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