Reach For Success

My daughter’s team recently won the state volleyball championship. Watching her and the whole team grow and develop throughout the season has been a real inspiration. No matter how hard your struggle may be, no matter where you are coming from, even when the chips are down and when no one else believes you can win, YOU MUST NEVER GIVE UP!My daughter is in high school. Last year their team lost 5 seniors who graduated, so this year they were not expected to have a winning season. But this team had the WILL TO WIN. Even in the championship game, when they were down 2 games to 0, and you must win 3 games to win the match, they did not stop trying. They maintained a fighting spirit, gave it all they had, and encouraged each other to the end. They came back and won the last 3 games to win the state title.The state championship has inspired me and I wish to share what I have learned about success and how to achieve it. This was written for Internet affiliate marketers, but the strategies can be applied to any endeavor.————————————–How do you spell success?S-tart with the basics!U-nderstand your program.C-reate your business plan.C-ommunicate with your team members.E-ducate yourself.S-pend wisely.S-tay the Course!Start with the basics! Every new affiliate comes into a program with a different level of knowledge &
experience. Start with what you know. Try to learn something new every day. Introduce yourself to your sponsor and/or team leader. Ask questions! You can usually trust your upline because they have a vested interest in your success, and when you succeed, they succeed. Rely on your sponsor and/or team leaders for guidance, but don’t expect them to do everything for you. Each team member must put forth some effort in order for the whole team to win.Understand your program. Familiarize yourself with the products and the compensation plan. You cannot successfully promote something of which you have limited or no knowledge.Create your business plan. Make up a daily schedule of varied marketing activities. Don’t count on just one method or strategy. Try different types of marketing campaigns, and go with the ones that produce results.Communicate with your team members. Do something to spark a response. Get them involved and excited about your program. As you may have you heard “the Fortune is in the Follow up!”Educate yourself. Research new marketing methods. The Internet and the world are ever-changing entities, so the methods that worked yesterday may not work today. Stay on top of current marketing trends.Spend wisely. It takes money to make money; every successful business had to spend some money to get where they are. Wise spending involves (1) taking advantage of free offers if they are truly free, (2) before spending a lot of money on advertising, do a little research on how successful that particular advertising method has been for others, and (3) never spend money you cannot afford to lose.”Stay the Course!” Success does not come over-night. It takes time and effort. Allow at least 6 months to a year of consistent marketing before you throw in the towel. Way too many affiliates give up too soon, and never make any money, even with very successful and lucrative programs.————————————–You know the old adage, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”. There is a lot of truth to this. If you really want to reach your goals, you must persevere through the tough times, and never quit. There may come a time when you find you need to take a different road to get there, and that’s ok. Make adjustments, push on, and never quit!

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